Be strong. Be raucous. Be amazing.

I try to live my life to the full and, as usual, I am bursting with ideas involving creative pursuits, challenging projects and fun times; most of these projects are based around my two main passions in life as I know it - music and writing.

I am both a musician and a writer at heart. It is difficult to say which was my first love, as I was writing children's stories and playing make-believe from a very early age but I also began to learn how to play the piano when I was five, with wooden blocks on the pedals. However, in recent years, music has been my driving force, and since graduating with a music degree I have been working as a backing vocalist, travelling all over the place, living on a tourbus and singing in many different countries with a lovely band of similarly nomadic muso-types. The experience I have gained in my ten years of performing with them has been hugely beneficial, not just to me as a singer but also as a person. I have had the incredible opportunity to sing live to thousands of people, making memories every day that will stay with me for ever, and I am now trying to transfer some of that vitality and effort into a variety of projects, including working on my own music and writing a book; things that make my heart sing, that I hope will eventually inspire and be enjoyable to others.

I guess I won't talk about sharing my passions or fulfilling my dreams; I'll just put my head down, work hard and try to achieve something that I can call my own, that is part of me, and then unleash it on the unsuspecting world and see what happens.